Why We Deserve Better

I recently published this essay under my series, 'Politics, Done Local' at M the Media Project, our independent journalism project.

When I was preparing this essay, I had our fair city of Gardner, MA in mind even as I recounted in my mind the dozens of communities we've come in contact with during work travels this past year.

When you go to the polls this November in Gardner (and I KNOW you'll be engaged, informed and willing to do your part as a citizen) consider where the folks currently in charge of our city right now fall in the world I describe in this essay. You may even personally like our current Mayor, State Representative and members of the city council. But when thinking with your head and not your heart, are these folks really doing everything they can to provide leadership towards a vibrant, diversified and inclusive local economy?

Tell me what you're thinking. Share with me your ideas. I'm ready to listen.

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