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We have your back Ward 2

Mayoral candidates Peter Sargent and your truly can added Leo Dr., Brookside Dr. and Century Dr. today.

We visited the infamous Soccer Field(that’s isn’t really a soccer field yet but seems to be becoming a soccer field)

Land Use: The neighborhood asked for natural trails. Seems they are getting a soccer field.

Lack of Market Analysis: There are multiple indoor and outdoor soccer fields that have been built 15-30 minutes from Gardner. This one is not needed.

Environmental Stewardship: downhill from this new development is Gardner‘s last cold water brook and it’s on protected conservation land. You know where all the excess fertilizer will run. Water only flows one way.

Transparency: The project has been blighted by a lack of transparency on the part of Gardner Municipal Government.

I don’t support environmentally sensitive, non-sensical projects that disempower our neighborhoods. Enough is enough.

November 2 is coming.

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