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Launch of Campaign 2020: The Campaign for All of Us

Now as never before, cities have the focus and the drive to propel our economy forward, to ensure equity before the law; a society for ALL of their citizens and to drive a bottom/up approach to making life better.

This fact applies to every city and town in the United States willing to embrace it. No matter the size. No matter the position of the city today. This is not to brush aside the significant political and social issues of our time, many of which are at a boiling point. Rather, it is to suggest the economic and social erosion we are all experiencing is driving the need for local leadership with local solutions that are most responsive to meet our local needs

It is with this fundamental perspective in mind that I announce my candidacy to become your next mayor of Gardner.

We live in a city with deep traditions of craftsmanship and of stewardship going back over 150 years of industrial development. Our immigrant past infused our community with work ethic and vibrancy only diversity can deliver. We continue to attract a new generation of immigrants who see opportunity in our city. We need to expand this opportunity to citizens at all socio-economic, education and ethnic backgrounds.

We have been battered by a modern economy that has extracted the wealth and hard work of our people. Yet, we have persisted. The city of Gardner is not done. With the right leadership and with a renewed focus on economic development we can create a local economy that generates wealth for a broad spectrum of our citizens in meaningful work that our people desire to take part in.

I propose an entirely new economic plan and to focus entirely on our economy from the first day in office. My plan focuses on projects and programming that optimize our commercial tax base through home-grown economic development programming. Only through tireless effort at building a renewed commercial tax base focused on existing business ready to go and entrepreneurs seeking opportunity from within our border; that bottom-up approach I referred to, can we make the civic improvements we need; no more street-lamps and banners to go along with empty storefronts. No more demolishing buildings without a plan on what to do to put that property back on the tax rolls. No more tax incentives to out of town corporate entities that demand tax breaks that build insolvency into our future tax revenues.

The changes and their resultant benefits will be substantial and sustained over time. The changes I’m proposing will not happen fast. The economic downturn that took us decades to get through will take decades more to build out of. Nonetheless the facts make it clear; there is only one way out of this mess and business as usual for the last 15 years is simply not working for the majority of us. What I’m asking you to participate in will take real effort on your part. The first of which is to have the will to get informed as voters, to ask me the truly tough questions, to engage in conversation focused on our solutions and finally to vote knowing there is work ahead for all of us in order to turn our city around.

A more detailed look at my economic plans can be found on the Platform page of our campaign website as well as other key parts of our strategy.

In the weeks ahead I will be offering information regarding our economic plan through radio, planned live remote and in-person meetings and other media including podcasts and video. You can access all campaign media through our web page on the bottom of your screen including a portal for asking questions or offering your own feedback and for booking your own campaign meeting.

The City of Gardner can only reach its full potential with you, its citizens working together to achieve that success. I believe we can do this but only if we get serious about electing new leadership with the competency and resiliency to see the work to its conclusion. I believe in each and every one of you and I ask you now to believe in me and believe we can build a better Gardner Together.

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