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From Waste, to Energy, to Water

One key area of focus of the first term for this administration will be to propose a project that will address multiple issues the city faces.

For some time Gardner has known about these issues. For some time we have attempted to either ignore or address these issues. What they all have in common is the fact we've only considered these issues as separate initiatives.

I propose we take a detailed look at how we administer our water supply, how best to create a diverse renewable energy portfolio and how we manage our waste.

We propose, through private/public partnership the implementation of a mixed feedstock anaerobic digestion facility in place of the operating sludge landfill. Such a facility would have the following benefits to the City of Gardner.

  • Through a combination of expense reduction and revenue generation, Gardner would reap an economic benefit that would continue to bear fruit every year the facility was operated.

  • A partnership with a private entity would reduce or eliminate the costs associated with developing such a facility on the part of our City.

  • Gardner would end decades of environmental risk, odors, and other negative effects of operating a sludge landfill.

  • The City would reduce the need for upgrades to its waste water facility creating opportunities to re-allocate those funds to other worthwhile efforts.

  • The project design would include the facilitation of research by wastewater and energy researchers. This component of the project would put Gardner back on the map for innovation in multiple key disciplines important life in our city as is life on our planet.

  • Several by-products of this one simple process could also help our community attract further economic development in the areas of nutrient management, urban agriculture and food systems innovations.

  • This project would improve the general safety of our drinking water supply by helping us to better manage nutrients

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