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Building a Better Downtown Gardner

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

One thing we can all agree on: Smart, vibrant communities generally have one or more physical centers of commerce and social cohesion that bring neighbors from all walks of life together.

Until recently Gardner had a vibrant city center and an equally vibrant village in South Gardner. Both locales need some intentional, aggressive work and effort from a variety of constituents to become vibrant once more. Both locales have good bones and dedicated citizens willing to roll up their sleeves to work alongside an improved municipal government.


As your candidate for city council-at-large I bring career experience to the table designing business incubators and economic development programming that blends business mentorship, peer advisory and other key resources with real estate development, design and environmental sustainability.

Here you'll find one of my presentations on Urban Living Labs and techniques individual citizens can use today to advocate for their neighborhoods.

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