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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

I make a promise to you to demand high standards for myself and our administration.  But my promise comes at a cost.  From you we demand participation in our efforts to implement a new path forward.  We need to work together and together we can re-define the Great City of Gardner.

The Issues of our Time

Gardner currently suffers from a lack of robust economic Development.  We propose a more aggressive and comprehensive approach to economic development built with help from some of the nation's top resources.  

  • The consideration of a long-term economic development strategy to include tenants taken from sources such as National Center for Economic Gardening & Strong Towns. 

  • Comprehensive reform of Dept. Community Development & Planning

    • Includes devising services and resources to encourage internal development of high demand/low supply products and services.​

    • Work to reduce burden on residential homeowners through increase in commercial tax base.

    • Focus on bottom-up approaches to economic development not predicated on poaching corporations or giveaways of property taxes.  

    • Focus on build-up of urban core; encourage incremental and mixed-use high density development for optimal resiliency and high tax revenue per acre ratio.  


  • Active development of key tools such as business incubators, makerspaces and mixed-use or shared environments.

  • Assess efficacy of Gardner Redevelopment Authority and Brownfields Steering Committee. Make meaningful changes including a more aggressive approach to selling municipal property to build enterprise fund. 

  • Develop Enterprise Fund partially funded through Waste to Energy facility and liquidation of city properties acquired from private property owners.


We are committed to achieving a full understanding of health and human service challenges Gardner citizens currently face and to devising strategies to implement so we better serve the needs of citizens to the benefit of service providers and other concerned humanitarians. 


We are stewards of our home and we have a responsibility to each other to maintain our environment.  

  • The immediate cessation of all municipal activity related to the expansion of the Sludge Landfill

  • A complete re-assessment of our waste, renewable energy and water systems choices including providing a comprehensive assessment of waste to energy alternatives. 

  • Implementation of an urban agriculture program.

  • Assessment of micro-grid and other innovations to strengthen our energy infrastructure.

  • Continue to develop our recreational amenities including rail trails, green space, parks and other amenities.


A key driver for community growth will be our capacity for maintaining and constantly improving upon high standards for education.  We need to appropriately allocate resources to our schools and advocate for an education that is truly comprehensive with special attention on creativity, problem solving, and academic rigor. 

  • Re-Invigorate the Williams-Rockwell Educational Gift Foundation to facilitate making Gardner a destination for school-choice students.

  • Perform indepedant assessment of inter-organizational health between faculty and administration.  Take corrective actions if applicable. 

  • Focus on creating improved dialogue between general public and Gardner Public Schools for improved inter-generational and socio-economic measurable goals. 


Too many people in our City feel they do not have a voice at City Hall.  Too many people are made to believe that City Hall cannot play a tangible role in making life better for ALL of our citizens.  The de-industrialization of Gardner came at a cost to our people both in economic and social terms.  For too long, we have shied away from addressing this phenomenon.  How do you heal the Soul of a Community?  By empowering people first with an opportunity to share their ideas then by emboldening them with resources so many of those ideas become a reality.  

This campaign aims to bring to light issues of:

  • Race and Ethnicity

  • Poverty

  • Gender/Sexual Orientation

  • Building back the public trust in city government

  • Encouragement of your contribution in thought and ideas

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